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Shielding - Tips for Coping

Sethina Watson is an Anaesthetic Registrar in Bristol. She has been shielding during the pandemic and has spoken at the AAGBI Webinars...

Leisurely Lockdown Walks

Kobi Rahman is a banker, husband and Father to a lively 1 year old with a second child on the way. Hes a friend of the site and when hes...

A Bookworm's corner

Completed Netflix? Spring-cleaned the house? Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to re-Kindle a love of reading and discover some new...

Colouring for Relaxation

Adult colouring. Yes it’s a thing. I haven’t done it for quite a few years, but the appearance of COVID19 in my life has led me back to it

In the Garden with Old Diggit

Blog written by Old Diggit and Posted by Admin Diggit get it! Well I have been asked to write a blog on Gardening and Wellbeing for all...

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