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The Anaesthetic Recovery Room 
Wellness Story

Our Wellness site developed in response to the the SARS-CV-2 pandemic (2020). We witnessed our teams working tirelessly on the 'front-line' of patient care with critically ill patients, needless to say, leading to an incredibly stressful time. 

We realise that it is essential to look after the physical, psychological and emotional health of our team, in these times of unprecedented stress. We aim to create a social space where people can access tools and material to promote this, with one simple touch of a button. 

If you wish to contact a member of the team for any other support please use the details below. 

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Table Manners

for the Anaesthetic Recovery Room

Lennie and Jessie are the mother and daughter duo of ‘Table Manners’, a podcast now in its 9th season and featuring the likes of Ed Sherran, Nigella Lawson and Sadiq Khan, to name but a few. With an anaesthetist in the family, they are only too aware of the current challenges our specialty are facing. Here they share with us some recipes from their recently published cookbook....

Click on the blog link below and sign in to share your recreation of these recipes, or even ideas of your own!

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Life is all about balance. You don't always need to be getting things done. Sometimes it's perfectly necessary to shut down, kick back and do nothing.

Lori Deschene

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Dr Preeya Chakraborty & Dr Andrew McKechnie

Andrew and Preeya are Consultant Anaesthetists who trained together and now work in South East London. They share common interests in both pastoral care and sub specialties within Anaesthesia. 

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Preeya is a Consultant Anaesthetist who has a long-standing enthusiasm in education,which was sparked when she started teaching gymnastics as a teenager. She continued to teach in various forms throughout her medical career and completed a Fellowship in Medical Education.
Other sub specialties that she holds an interest in are Difficult Airway management, Bariatrics, Regional and Trauma. Preeya is a pre-hospital medic and works at Glastonbury and Reading festivals.
During her higher training, she realised that it was essential to strike a delicate work/ life balance to remain healthy, and widen her horizons. Preeya made a decision to  travel more; and took off six months in between jobs to do so.
She loves to enjoy the live entertainment that London offers, is an experimental cook, a pianist and an avid reader who finds it hard to put down a good book!

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Andrew is a Consultant Anaesthetist. His clinical interests include airway management, ENT and Bariatrics. He is the Vice Chairman of SOBA (Society for Obesity and Bariatric Anaesthesia). 
During training it's fair to say Andrew struggled with exams and learned to cope with the stress involved. This led to an ongoing interest in education and trainee welfare. 
He is RCoA College Tutor and lead for pastoral care where he tries to support trainees through a tough training programme, combined with life in general. 
When not working he enjoys spending time with his wife and three young children, trying to find some balance in the chaos. He is jealous of the holidays that Preeya goes on!
Andrew hopes that this website will hopefully support the trainees during the time of COVID and beyond.

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